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Bead & Button August 2013 Issue 6 years 69 days ago
Beadwork-August/September 2013 6 years 78 days ago
Bead & Button April 2013 Issue 114 6 years 139 days ago
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Beads In Print

Beadwork-August/September 2013

Posted 6 years 78 days ago ago by Lisa Hunnicutt     0 Comments

Featured Article: Cool Stuff (Pg.19) Item # 8


         Category: TOHO – Takumi LH         
          Category: TOHO – Takumi LH

Featured Article: Squares With A Twist bracelet.  (Pg.21)

       Category: TOHO – Cubes 3mm

        Category:TOHO - Round 15/0          
        Item: Gold-lustered transparent pink

        Category: M.C. Beads 3/3mm - Bicone

        Item:  Olivine 3mm (34-33-5023)

         Category: Findings/Jump Rings        
         Item: Antique Brass 6mm Jump Ring


Featured Article:  Succulent Garden Bracelet By: Yasmin Sarfati  (Pg.38)

          Category: Super Duos 2/5mm          

        Category: M.C. Beads 3/3mm -            

         Category: Round 15/0


Featured Article:  Yafa Petal Earrings   By: Penny Dixon   (Pg.52)

            Category:  Rose Petals 14/13mm 
            Item:  Siam Ruby (340-1413-9008)

            Category:  Round 15/0
            Item:  Bronze (TR-15-221)

            Category:  Round 11/0

            Category:  Treasures 11/0

            Category:  Round 8/0           
            Item:  Bronze (TR-08-221)

            Category:  M.C. Beads 4/4mm – Bicone
            Item:  Ruby (34-44-9009)
            Category:  Firepolish 3mm
            Item:  Matte Purple Iris (1-03-21135)
            Category:  Firepolish 6mm
            Item:  Siam Ruby (1-06-9008)

Also Featured:

            Article:  Bramble Necklace (Pg.25)
                        Sister Bracelet  (Pg.31)
                        Firework Necklace  (Pg.35)
                        Sirens Medallion  (Pg.56)
                        The Upper Crust Bracelet
                        Heart to Heart Bracelet (Pg.70)
            Category:  Toho Beads

            Article:  Fireworks Necklace  (Pg.35)
            Item:  Pressed Rounds

            Article:  Captured Stone Necklace 
                        Heart to Heart Bracelet (Pg.70)
            Item:  Glass Pearls

            Article:  Captured Stone Necklace       
                        Forest Sprite Bracelet  (Pg.46)
                        The Upper Crust Bracelet
            Item:  Crystal Bicones
Super Duos 2/5mm
           Article: Forest Sprite Bracelet (Pg.46)
                      Sirens Medallion  (Pg. 56)
                      Four Corners Earrings  (Pg.60)
           Item:  SuperDuos    

            Article:  Forest Sprite Bracelet (Pg.46)
                        Sirens Medallion  (Pg.56)
                        Heart to Heart Bracelet (Pg.70)
            Item:  6mm Pressed Firepolish
            Item:  Gem Stone Donuts

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